Who is Miriam

Who is Miriam

Miriam started Exposed LLC from the perspective of firsthand knowledge.  The pain of financial loss as well as the pain and grief that comes when your online “virtual” Romance Con Artist disappears after the No’s to financial assistance start happening.  I understand that the person you have been communicating with took time to forge a mental and emotional connection with you. I know this connection was the same as a real relationship. I will never shame you for being the caring compassionate human you are.

In telling my story I hope to encourage others to tell theirs. In standing and being part of the #becounted movement we can challenge the narratives that the world has ingrained in us. We challenge the status quo on Romance Scam victim stereotypes which is who the world thinks we should be and become who we are instead.

I am moving past the shame and the pain and speaking out.

As an Artist. I created a series called Love for Sale, that is a timeline of a Romance Predators Attack on his target.

a Writer and

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